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Why not custom design something unique? 

One of my real passions & the reason why I love what I do so much is simply that I get to design for each individual bride. I just love creating new bespoke designs that reflect a bride’s style & personality.


I will design you a piece that will reflect your unique vision for your special day. Every piece is entirely created by hand in the Deborah K Design studio by myself. This means that I can offer a wide range of customisation options for all of my designs.

A few examples of customisation options:

  • Adjusting the length of a necklace, bracelet, earrings or headpiece.

  • Changing a headpiece to a comb, pin in or hairband

  • Customising the colour & materials to compliment your gown

  • Incorporating your heirloom lace, beads or fabric into a design

  • Designing a truly couture one of a kind piece from start to finish to reflect your own style & personality.


The journey of bespoke starts here…

Just get in touch briefly explaining your needs & any pictures of your dress & hairstyle you may have

& I will contact you to discuss things further.



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About Deborah K Design

About Deborah K Design

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