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Headpiece and making components

We offer Bespoke


It is so important that for your big day, you have your bridal accessories all prepared - whether bridal jewellery, a bridal headpiece or a veil which is unique & special to you.  Whilst we handcraft items for our brides, we can also offer a bespoke service which gives you the opportunity to customise your bridal jewellery or headpiece which will make it that bit even more special to you. 

We will design you a piece that will reflect your unique vision for your special day. Every piece is created by hand here in our studio and we can offer you a wide range of customisation option for all of our designs.

A few examples of customisation options include

- Adjusting the length of a necklace, bracelet, earrings or headpiece.

- Changing a headpiece to a comb, pin in or hairband.

- Customising the colour and materials to compliment your gown.

- Incorporating your heirloom lace, beads or fabric into a design.

- Designing a truly couture one of a kind piece from start to finish to reflect your

  your own style and personality.


Get in Touch Anytime

Just get in touch briefly explaining your needs and any photos of your dress and hairstyle for your big day.  We will then get in contact with you to discuss things further.

Some Photos from our Current Collections

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