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Connect with friends and loved ones in a unique and everlasting way with our Linked with Love permanent jewellery service. 


Whether you’re celebrating milestones, friendships or love, welded jewellery is a symbol of your connection.


Embrace the essence of permanence and let your jewellery tell a story that lasts a lifetime. 

Linked with Love by Deborah K Design.jpg


A permanent bracelet is a delicate chain that has no clasp. It is fitted perfectly to your wrist and welded together there and then in our studio creating a piece of jewellery that doesn't come off. 

~ Designed to be worn together ~

linked-with-love-permanent-jewellery (52).jpg

From best friends, mother and daughter and couples to bridesmaids and bridal parties. A permanent bracelet is an ideal choice for those special bonds and occasions.

linked-with-love-permanent-jewellery (58).jpg

Personalise your bracelet with beautiful and meaningful charms to represent significant moments, friends, loved ones or your bridal party, adding an individual touch to your permanent welded jewellery. 

linked-with-love-permanent-jewellery (29)_edited.jpg
linked-with-love-permanent-jewellery (1) (edited).jpg

1. Choose your chain

linked-with-love-permanent-jewellery (35)_edited.jpg

2. Choose your charm

linked-with-love-permanent-jewellery (66).jpg
linked-with-love-permanent-jewellery (54).jpg

3. Get linked

  • How do I look after my piercing?
    Cleanse the front and back of your ear 2-3 times daily using the Studex Aftercare Solution. Whilst cleaning, rotate the earring 2-3 times (half turn only). In between cleaning, the ear should be kept dry. After shampooing, ensure the ear is rinsed thoroughly. The butterfly must be kept at the tip of the post, exactly where it is at the time of piercing. Do not put the butterfly towards the ear. This ensures that the earring remains loose whilst healing to allow air to circulate, reduce the risk of swelling and discomfort.
  • When can I change my earrings?
    If you are using Studex Advanced Aftercare Solution, you can change your earrings 3 weeks after piercing. The healing period for cartilage piercing us 8 weeks. If you are using the Studex After Piercing Lotion, it is recommended to change your earrings no less than 6 weeks after piercing and 12 weeks for cartilage piercings. It is important that once you have removed the jewellery, you clean the site thoroughly and continue to wear hypoallergenic jewellery continuously to prevent the piercing from closing. We recommend using straight post (not curved) earrings continuously for the first 6 months from piercing.
  • Can I go swimming with my new piercing?
    We would advise that you do not go swimming, use hot tubs or saunas within the first 48 hours of piercing. Always ensure you clean your piercing after swimming.
  • What do you use to pierce with?
    We use a Studex piercing system which is an FDA approved medical device to offer a safe, gentle and sterile piercing service.
  • Do you offer nose piercing?
    We currently do not offer nose piercing.


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