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So what happens when you book an appointment with us? How does the bespoke bridal design process work? How long does it take? Keep reading to find out!

This blog post has been requested by lots of brides, so we are delighted to finally share it with you. Today we are going to discuss how the bridal process works at Deborah K Design featuring one of our brides, Nicole Cunningham. We absolutely love working with brides to create bespoke pieces and being a part of their special day.

The beautiful Nicole came to us this year with a very specific idea of what her vision was for her overall wedding look. She knew she wanted a detachable half skirt in a Mikado fabric and embellishments around the waist to link in with her stunning Verona Bridal gown.

Bride and groom embracing in a field

In our initial bridal consultation in the Deborah K studio, we discussed her vision and offered our suggestions. We love to meet brides face to face now that we can after COVID-19.

Together we chatted and developed design ideas, custom to what Nicole wanted. With over 15 years of experience, we know exactly what we are doing and love creating unique pieces for brides to be. After we agreed on the design, we went ahead and ordered samples of Mikado in different weights and shades of Ivory.

In the next consultation, Nicole looked through the samples and chose the fabric she loved. We then started discussing the shape of the skirt and carried out measurements for making her detachable skirt. At this stage, Nicole had her dress with her in our studio so we could finalise most of the details. It’s always great when brides have their dress so we can see the entire look together, this isn’t essential and not always possible, but brides do love this.

Fortunately, we had a sample skirt already in the Deborah K Design which Nicole loved the shape of. This really helped her visualise the final skirt and we were able to proceed to the next stage.

Then the hard work and making begins! (One of our favourite parts of the job!) Deborah made Nicole’s skirt in the exact shape, size, fabric and invited her back for another fitting. This fitting appointment was to finalise the embellishments. All appointments are booked via our online booking system so you can choose a date and time that suits you. To book an appointment, click here.

During the weeks of us making, Verona Bridal had ordered extra embellishments for Nicole to match her dress. So at this fitting, we put her skirt on the mannequin so Nicole could see clearly how the embellishments would look. We played with lots of ideas from embellishing the train to embellishing around the front panels. This is a really fun part of the appointment and we love how excited brides get. Deborah always likes to advise and guide brides, and Nicole was so open to ideas. We then finalised on embellishing just around the waist band to create a simple and elegant look.

Together, Nicole and Deborah decided that this gave the skirt the look of it always being part of her wedding dress. This meant that later on her wedding day she could remove her skirt and surprise her guests with a very different look for the evening. Just perfect!

At this stage, Nicole asked us to design a bespoke veil. She decided to go for a Royal length to create extra drama and we decided on a customised width in a beautiful soft ivory tulle.

Once everything was made to her exact measurement, it was time for her final fitting and it was the big reveal! Nicole arrived at our private studio in Lisburn (find us here) to see her bespoke detachable skirt and veil on our mannequin. She was absolutely over the moon and we were delighted to see her big smile. We all thought it was truly stunning and it was exactly the vision that she had imagined!

We just love when a plan comes together here at Deborah K Design! We work hard, pay attention to small details and are absolute perfectionists. Nicole was a total joy to work with. We are so happy that we were able to create her dream look for her wedding day, she looked beautiful on her wedding day.

Bride and mother standing outside church doors decorated with flowers

Are you looking for a bespoke wedding accessory? Contact us today via email ( or book your bridal consultation with us online. Click here:

Want to find out more information or check out some bridal inspiration, visit our Instagram page here or browse through our website

If you are a bride who has worked with us before, we would love to share your story and feature you in our blog, reach out to us at


Dress shop: Verona Bridal NI

Dress: Milla Nova

Makeup: Bronagh Trainor Makeup

Flowers: Incsape Flowers

Hair: Chameleon Hairdressing

Photography: Rashida Keenan Photography

Mother of the Bride: Shauna Fay

Mother of the Bride Headpiece: Aimee Farrell Designs


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